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Our workshops put a stick in revolving doors.

So you can build a diverse company where courageous humans will stop at nothing to stay.

The solution is simple: Invite KNOW I.D.E.A.™ to work with your people for a while.
Our suite of interactive and thought-provoking diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops empower your talent to embrace bravery, realize opportunities for personal growth, and improve the quality of relationships in the workplace.

Our human-centered approach bumps authenticity, imagination and competitive innovation to the forefront of every teammate’s to-do list. Talk about a receipt for success.

We’ve got a game-changing growth solution that has nothing to do with Big Data and everything to do with better people, fresh ideas, and air-punching organizational outcomes.


 Select one or more workshops, and let us know that you want to go virtual when submitting your request. We’ll tailor each learning experience to meet your organizational needs.

Understanding and Managing Unconscious Bias

In this workshop, we examine what unconscious bias is, what it isn’t, and how to approach it. In a collaborative space, everyone unpacks their “bias backpack” then refills it with tools and strategies for recognizing, analyzing, and responding to bias the healthiest way.

Ever consider why that one coworker caffeinating at the Keurig makes you antsy and can’t put your finger on why? May be unconscious bias: the unconscious hobbering of social stereotypes that influence coworkers to avoid each other in the boardroom and beyond. Imagine how many meetings of the minds and lucrative solutions are left on the table because your team is inconspicuously uncomfortable.


Fostering an Inclusive Environment

In this workshop, your team learns to foster environments where each individual feels welcomed, involved and empowered to toss around ideas no matter who’s in the room. By the end, everyone will embrace inclusivity as a strength, not a sacrifice.

No one wants to be an oddball out, but most have mastered the appearance of a-okay. Your diverse pool of talent may be throwing up smoke screens thick enough to entertain recruiters on company time. You’ve seen the signs, and it’s time to signal change.

We’ll help you create an environment where differences are embraced, involvement is truly innate, bright ideas abound, and retention rates are renowned.

Becoming an Absolute Ally

In this experiential workshop, you will learn best
practices for enacting allyship, and flex your skills in a safe and compassionate space.

Building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with marginalized individuals can’t be accomplished overnight. But we must start somewhere to get anywhere.Take the guesswork out of equity and inclusion.

Understanding and Managing Unconscious Bias
Fostering an Inclusive Environment
Becoming a Absolute Ally
Image 7-diverse group smiling at camera.

Business as usual is holding back even your most valuable employee from displaying top talent.

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