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Our approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

KNOW I.D.E.A.™ brings you engaging and out-of-the-box workshops that help your people build bridges, build empathy, and look through different lenses at work and everywhere else.

From The Get-Go: We push your people past awkward to really go the distance

Gone are the days of thumb-twiddling silence when tackling classically touchy topics of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We bring you engaging and out-of-the-box workshops that help your people build bridges, build empathy, and look through different lenses at work and everywhere else.

Our come-as-you-are approach allows everyone to “woosah” and embrace the unknown. Then, we help you make magic happen, starting with understanding that everyone doesn’t live, act or think like you. And that’s the bright idea when it comes to diversity!

Benefits of doubling down on Diversity and Inclusion
  • A wider range of skills put into play

  • Higher innovation

  • A variety of perspectives

  • Increased productivity

  • To be honest, the limit does not exist!

Young Businesswomen
Business Colleagues

Next, we crank up Creative Tension and See To It That Sparks Fly!

"The creative tension zone is that near-magical space where ideas bounce and boil, where huge ideas emerge, empires are built and uncontrollable fun is around every corner. It’s the place where individuals push out their best work and open themselves up to praise and critique. It’s when a team experiences that precious moment when something new is borne out of all that bouncing and boiling."

- Peter Sloan, Systems Scientist

Signs of Creative Tension Deficiency
  • Your department hasn’t delivered a breakthrough solution in over a month

  • Employees just aren’t giving 100%

  • Leaders don’t trust teammates and vice versa

  • Quiet people stay quiet

  • An unhealthy competitive atmosphere 

  • To name a few ...

The solution is simple.

KNOW I.D.E.A.™ empowers your team, from head decision-makers on down, to confront opposing opinions, beliefs, and assumptions. We help everyone stimulate an atmosphere for family-like discussion. That way, traditionally palm-sweating topics become mainstream conversations to benefit your bottom-line.

Working Together
Crowd Applausing

Want to keep growing?

Cultivate a Culture for Unbridled Honesty

and embrace The Fear of Failure.

But first, hear us out!

We know that the squeakiest wheel is supposed to get the oil to keep your machine moving.

But let’s be honest. Most people on your team are afraid to come off as disagreeable.


No one wants to risk saying the “wrong” thing at work. You included. It’s half the reason you want to work with us right now!

The result?

Your HR Business partner remains a frequent flier. Destination, your inbox. You’re putting out fires more than you care to admit simply because your team doesn’t know how to talk about human topics that society calls “sensitive.” So simple misunderstanding morph into potential legal matters, and your quick-to-grow company is nicknamed “Revolving Door.”

That’s a serious chink in your armor, limiting your outcomes.

We Don’t Believe in Bum-rushing Change.

We specialize in helping you start somewhere and sustain.

You of all people know the value of letting bright minds arrive at game-changing solutions together. Our approach straight-up shows your team how to Flip the Switch™ to an inclusive mindset, step-by-step.


Looks Something Like This:

  • Self-Awareness: Employees at all levels learn to be aware of judgment and assumptions that cloud communication. 

  • Creative Communication: You learn innovative ways to approach courageous conversations that focus on growing strong, mutually-enriching relationships.

  • Generate Creative Tension: Multi-level organizational growth begins with the man in the mirror. We teach bold tactics for tackling tough topics, face-to-face, helping each person develop interpersonal solutions for personal growth.

  • Celebrating Small Wins: Rome wasn’t built in a day and that’s why we’re still talking about it. Legendary things take time to develop. So we teach you to sweat the small stuff and celebrate the seemingly insignificant.

In a nutshell, we help you make history.

Business People Mingling

“It’s often the small wins, embedded into company processes that build momentum and create the conditions for positive change.”

- Culture Amp’s Workplace Diversity report

Don’t get left in the stone-age. Ready to Flip the Switch?
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