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Let's flip the switch to an inclusive mindset.

KNOW I.D.E.A.™ hosts transformational diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops both online and on your turf.

At KNOW I.D.E.A.™, we believe that your most powerful differentiator is the pool of people you choose to change the world with.

 Take the lead in your industry by empowering your people to dive into differences, beginning with the elephants in the room. Gone are the days of “doing what’s always been done.” 

We’re canning the status-quo so that everyday people reach lasting solutions to puzzling problems.

From The Get-Go: We push your people past awkward to really go the distance

Gone are the days of thumb-twiddling silence when tackling classically touchy topics of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Where should change begin?

We say, with anyone at any rank.

You only hire self-starters anyway. So we don’t think it’s far-fetched to believe everyone on your team can light the torch for transformation. No matter the rank, our forward-thinking facilitators teach your talent how to lead courageous conversations, and initiate growth.

Business Team

Why Work With Us?

We really get you and your people.

We never tiptoe around how hard change is because you don’t have time to waste. We understand that people don’t like having tough conversations.

They’re flat-out awkward, uncomfortable, and yet completely necessary for building a better workforce where people are empowered to voice their best ideas and stimulate game-changing outcomes.

How We Make It Happen

KNOW I.D.E.A.™ focuses on opportunities, not titles.

Our approach recognizes the leader within everyone and puts bravery on a pedestal. With each workshop, we challenge individuals to look inward and realize that learning about another culture means that you actually learn more about yourself. Executing inclusive leadership encourages others to 

bring their best selves to the table.


Beliefs We Hang Our Hats On

  • Embracing cultural awareness does not risk organizational culture but strengthens it.

  • Embracing scary moments leads to enlightenment 

  • Hiring new talent is expensive, so it makes sense to care for whom you have

  • Problems must be addressed on the surface level to get to the root.

  • Safe spaces are paramount when discussing that which we do not understand


Tiffani Willis

Facilitator and Founder at KNOW I.D.E.A.™


Changing the game in diversity, equity and inclusion countrywide are far from Tiffani’s first curriculum-based rodeo. Prior to joining forces with the Department of Justice as a management program analyst, Willis received her MA in Leadership in Teaching, not long after earning her teaching certification from the State of Maryland. She has led a cornucopia of workshops, developed trainings, and garnered high-value DEI certifications that put her in rooms to train C-suite to “just started” employees at top organizations.



When an unexpected allergic reaction diverted Tiffani’s childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian, she didn’t freak out because one thing was for sure: she could still teach. And since she could, her life would always be full of wonder. She says that nothing beats the “lightbulb moment” when someone’s entire world-view has been changed from the power of knowledge.

As a Black woman, Tiffani has experienced the harm that a lack of cultural-centered education causes first-hand. Her passion lies in helping people open up about palm-sweating topics, and mindfully engage in solution-driven conversations, consistently.

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